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"Since the mid-nineties, I have had the good fortune to benefit from Maureen's skincare treatments for my Rosacea. She keeps abreast and educated about the latest skin care therapies, treatments, and products and provides them for my individual treatments. From the moment my skincare session begins, I know I will have a nurturing, relaxing experience and her full attention to my skincare needs. Maureen is that rare blend of professional business woman who never fails to demonstrate both her knowledge and skill as well as the joy she derives from working in her field. It is clear she loves and values her work as well as her relationships with her clients. I have been enriched not only by Maureen's skincare treatments over the years, but also by our many laughs, as well as business and personal chats. There is no other way to say it: she's the best!"
Jean Sullivan | Bedford, MA

"I have been using Maureen at N'Vie skincare for several years. Maureen is a skilled professional who knows how to care for skin and has chosen excellent, effective products. My face feels wonderful after each facial and I've been able to maintain the regimen Maureen recommends. My face hasn't felt this good in years! The atmosphere is relaxing and in a cozy setting with soft music, heated beds and dimly lit rooms. Maureen is knowledgable and has helped educate me about my skin and the products she uses. The experience is a pleasure and I would highly recommend using Maureen."
June Kern | Bedford, MA

"I have been a client of Maureen's since 1995. From the moment I met her and had my first facial, I knew she was special! She is meticulous. She is enthusiastic about caring for people and skin and helping keep skin healthy and youthful. In today's fast paced lifestyle, it is unfortunate that is seems like something unusual when someone CARES about what they do - puts a little extra into it - but that's what Maureen does. As a healthcare provider myself, it is great to know that others take pride in what they do, give a little extra just because. I would go to no one else. Maureen is the BEST! Not only is she my esthetician, but she has become a friend! If you want high-quality, personalized services, N-Vie Skincare is it!"
Traci Magliozzi | Shrewsbury, MA

"I have been going to Maureen for facials for over 10 years. Her service is impeccable. She has an amazing ability to look at your skin and determine exactly what will be most helpful so that you look and feel incredible by the time that you leave. The products used are like a life-line for your skin. Maureenís caring nature, attention to detail, and expertise make your experience at N-Vie Skincare a wonderful one!"
Jacqui Goldberg | Framingham, MA

"What good fortune for me to become acquainted with Maureen several years ago.
Her professional services and advice have improved the appearance of my skin.
Maureen's personal care and sense of commitment to her clients surpasses.
Thank you Maureen; I'll follow you anywhere!"
Ruth Looney | Belmont, MA

"I am a 56-year old management consultant, which means long hours, rushing to meet client deadlines and crisscrossing the country on airplanes. WhenI come to N'Vie, I'm coming not just to have my skin taken care of, but to be totally taken care of. Within 10 minutes of Maureen's "high touch" style of skin care, I feel a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. I consider my visits to Maureen important for my skin (which, by the way, earns me frequent compliments) but also for overall peace of mind and health. Personally, I'd follow her wherever she chose to set up shop!"
Susan R. Windham-Bannister, Ph.D. | Lexington, MA

"You will do yourself a wonderful favor when you sign up for one of the many services offered by N'Vie Skincare. In a single session Maureen will help you feel indulged, pampered, cared for and totally relaxed. In addition to her technical skills and her in-depth knowledge of her field, Maureen has the ability to make you feel like the most important person in theworld.
There are none better."

"Maureen has both good taste and sound knowledge in her field of skin care.
Because she allows me plenty of time to indulge both these talents of hers, I am happy with the results.  When I look at my skin and makeup, and feel how soft it is, I thank Maureen.
She's been taking excellent care of me for years and years, helping me stave off the effects of inevitable aging-or at least not give in to them."
Toby Caplin | Lexington, MA

"I had my first facial with Maureen in 1995 !  That should be enough to say but I will add that it is Maureen's soothing touch, aesthetic expertise, and lovely, fun personality that are really exceptional compared to other aestheticians. Sometimes when Maureen is massaging my face and shoulders I try to follow exactly what she is doing with her hands.  I imagine her as the many handed goddess of India because her hands seem to be everywhere all at once.  I usually just give up because I am too relaxed to figure it out or even care after a minute or so !  I am a Maureen fan and am very grateful for our relationship!"
Norma Osborn | Arlington, MA

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